Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that helps you live in harmony and peace, helping to eliminate negative and destructive energies. The application of Vastu Shastra’s rules to your home will function wonderfully for you, add to your mental peace, and improve your health, prosperity, and good luck.

Today’s lives are chaotic, competitive, and fast-paced. The only time most people feel comfortable is when they are at home, after a tiring day of work. But often homes, too, struggle to deliver harmony and positivity that people want. One easy solution for bringing positivity, calmness, mental and spiritual harmony, and prosperity to your home and life is through Vastu Shastra.

Here are some quick and easy tips to help you understand how to enhance your home’s Vastu, and you can apply these tips to reap the benefits of this ancient science.
Clutter and useless items at home cause the movement of positive energy to be reduced. Get rid of broken and unused objects such as power gadgets, mirrors, watches, and any other things like that.
The main door also welcomes positive energies. One notable thing to take care of is that during opening or closing, the main gate should open inwards and should not make any noises.
For the walls of the house, white and other light colours are often the preferred options. It can be very refreshing, though, to add colours. Earthy tones bring calming vitality and vivid colours of the rainbow add to the visual appeal when positivity is brought in.
Music listening has tremendous advantages. Music from bells, wind chimes, and musical instruments helps to break down the negative vibes and relax the atmosphere. Windchime at entrance attracts healthy and positive vibes and welcome wealth and prosperity
Plants such as Tulsi/Basil, flowering plants, plants of money are all excellent choices. Plants keep away negative and harmful energy and give fresh air.
Stop hanging at home paintings or photographs of war or crime.
In the north, your toilet-seat should be positioned and face the south. Always keep the door locked after using the post.
Do not put something heavy or dirty in your home’s north-east corner.
If you want to keep a cactus plant at your home, keep it outside the home and not inside
Kids, when studying or working, should always face north.
Gajalaxmi’s hanging picture on the main door is very auspicious.
According to Vastu, hanging waterfall sculptures, goldfish, or the floating river bear good luck and richness. If you’re searching for foreign job opportunities, put a painting of foreign currencies, flying birds, racing bikes, and cars.
As per Vastu, feeding birds is a good sign of wealth and positive energy. You can have a bird feeder and fill it up and grain in your terrace or balcony.

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Author: Vastushastri-Achary Gopal Dhomne

Mr.Gopal Dhomne’s dream is to solve people’s problems with this “astrology” technological boon. Providing Solutions for Vastu defects with itunes for reconstruction Expert in providing best building plans to balance 5 Elements & 16 Directions in India. He is highly expert in predicting the present situation in your field. Provide Vastu Solutions for Business/office/industries Vastu defects are corrected based on “Factories at Right PlaceMr.Gopal dhomne is focused on the activation and balance of energy in industries, houses, and companies, without any major systemic reform.

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