Few Vastu Tips For Happy Married Life

A wedding brings family and friends a few moments of fun and laughter. This one day binds two souls in an unbreakable bond that increases as days go by. Everyone on this Planet, single or married, needs luck in relationships and romances. Vastu Shastra can be used to establish and enhance harmonious stress-free living in one’s marital relationships and to strengthen love life by sparking romance and deep feelings. Here are some of the helpful advice from Vastu to lighten up your love life and drown in your partner’s unflinching love reservoir.

1. The bed of a couple should be either in the house’s southwest or northwest direction. It’s helping to foster love and understanding between the pair, according to Vastu. Make sure to get a room in the west, south, or southwest direction before you start the renovation. This is where love and passion predominate, making your connection solid.

2.Not a single light beam should traverse the bed as it is considered inauspicious. These light beams will hinder your sleep and have negative impacts on the health of the couple. Make sure the house windows do not let any light pass over the bed. If it seems inevitable, put a curtain on it.

3.Place the bed in a place so you head in the direction of the West. You should also check for colours, such as blue, purple, yellow and orange.

4.Colors such as dark brown, grey, black and cream should be avoided, as they tend to make the room look sweeter. You also need to make sure there is no mirror placed in front of the bed, as it can be bad for your health according to Vastu.

5.Hold bedroom at the house’s south-west. Evite the South-East bedroom as this is a fireplace. It could contribute to the couple’s confrontations. The first thing you see when you reach your bedroom is something which gives you the feeling of peace and serenity. This might be a picture, a favourite quote, a painting or a sculpture, even flowers will strengthen those positive feelings that support life.

6. Make sure there is no ‘ empty ‘ piece of identification decoration in the house, such as a single duck or a single peacock, to ensure a healthy love life. Hold them in two, indicative of a pair.

7. You shouldn’t put your deity idols in the bedroom. They are best kept in space for prayer.

8. Newly married and aspiring partners for a baby should never sleep in a room in the North-East. The strong magnetic forces act as a barrier.

9.Do does not overcrowd your surroundings with unnecessary items to add spice to your loving-life, Special attention should be paid to eliminating the chaos for a good healthy relationship, as they restrict the flow of love.

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