Vastu For Kitchen

Vastu for Kitchen

Is your family confronted every now and then with health problems? Are your family and your success and prosperity a source of concern for you? This is due to the difference in energy in your kitchen.

The kitchen was also a really important position in the household. Wide kitchen rooms used to be the standard in the olden days. For building the kitchen in a particular direction there was no hard and fast rule.

Vastu for Kitchen stands for the right gas, water tap, cylinder, etc. placements in the kitchen to help balance the electricity.

The Sudarshanvastu Principles help you recognize the factors in your kitchen that establish energy imbalance. This imbalanced energy can be responsible for factors relating to a path and structural placements.

Accordingly, remedies are suggested based on the householder’s birth date and our Sudarshanvastu Concepts, in order to balance the energies in your kitchen.

Growing homemaker spends a tremendous amount of time in the kitchen preparing food for the family.

Vastu for Kitchen notes that while spending time in the kitchen preparing the food, homemakers should be facing a favorable direction. This will help the home-grower maintain good health and make him/her very involved

Your kitchen should be located in what direction?

Our ancestors built the Kitchen in ancient days as per Vastu. Now a few days there is a widespread misunderstanding that the kitchen just needs to be present in the direction of South East.

But under “Gopal ji,” the direction of the kitchen is determined based on the date of birth of the person.

4 Highly successful Kitchen Vastu Tips

As per Gopal Ji’s , Sudarshanvastu Principles:

  • Kitchen sink and gas stove should not be put in the same line
  • Kitchen basin tap should not leak water
  • The kitchen should always be tidy and clean
  • Gas stove should be cleaned daily

As according to the Sudarshanvastu Principles of Gopal Ji, the location of the kitchen is based on the date of birth of the person

Popular Vastu Myths for Kitchen

Guruji has generated a positive impact in the lives of millions of his followers for 19 years, through Sudarshanvastu Principles.

According to Guruji, Sudarshanvastu is based on each individual’s date of birth, and it is not a set of standardized guidelines applicable to all. Might have gained a lot of wealth and fame in a housefather, for example, but living in the same house, his son would lose all the money and fame.

The following common myths must be debunked according to “Gopal Ji”:

  • Kitchen should not be placed directly below pooja room
  • Cooking gas should not be placed directly in front of kitchen door
  • If you put a kitchen in southwest, it will result in family fights
  • North is a most dangerous direction for kitchen in the northwest leads to monetary expenses
  • If the individual cooking food faces south direction than its bad for the whole family Facing west while cooking lead

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