Vastu insights that can effectively transform your life


Tips for Vastu will encourage you to rehabilitate your life by waving away unpleasant energies and getting prosperity. Vastu shastra has the ability to change your love life, work environment, financial standing, and far more.

As per our experiences, there really are forces of nature that begin to work against individuals if they begin to deviate from the natural laws of the universe.

Some tremendous and easy Vastu tips –

Fish aquariums are attracting earnings. Purchase an aquarium for your house, then. But please ensure you pick lively, beautiful, healthy fish as their continuous motion assists keep the flow of wealth moving. Keep the water aerated and neat, as well.

Position a birdhouse or birdbath in your garden to make wildlife. Biodiversity holds with it healthy energies and is a glorious act of clearing up money and extracting wealth from every side.

Splayed crystals in the windows activate your positive energy. When they are struck by the sunshine, they produce the most exquisite rainbows; they give confidence to your home.

Hang a mirror showing the locker or the cash box. Symbolically, this increases the potential and the cash flow too.
Maximize the amount of light that reaches the house and keeps the house illuminated at all times, before bedtime.
The kitchen should always be in the south-east corner. It must not be positioned either under or above the Pooja room, the bedroom, or the toilet. It must never be next to or in front of the toilets, either.

Your living room should always be facing the north. The decor should also be positioned along the southern and western walls. This will mean that you are sitting facing north and east, which is very helpful for a healthy mind.

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Author: Vastushastri-Achary Gopal Dhomne

Mr.Gopal Dhomne’s dream is to solve people’s problems with this “astrology” technological boon. Providing Solutions for Vastu defects with itunes for reconstruction Expert in providing best building plans to balance 5 Elements & 16 Directions in India. He is highly expert in predicting the present situation in your field. Provide Vastu Solutions for Business/office/industries Vastu defects are corrected based on “Factories at Right PlaceMr.Gopal dhomne is focused on the activation and balance of energy in industries, houses, and companies, without any major systemic reform.

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