The following are some basic guidelines for the design and construction of an ideal location that will lead to prosperity, protection, and a healthy environment.

The kitchen should be preferably located in the south-east corner of the house and in some cases, it may be in the north-west corner as an alternative, but in both cases, the cooking platform should be planned to facilitate cooking while facing east only.

It’s better to decorate the door of the house with photos or idols of God. Inauspicious images should not be on the entrance. Doors are expected to have thresholds. Shoes should not be held in front of the entrance. The door should not be tilted, sliding, or circular in shape.

The main door of the house should not be under the ground. The main door should be neither in the middle of the house nor in the extreme corners of the house.

Balconies should be positioned to the east and the north and should certainly be prohibited in the south and west. If the balconies in the south and west cannot be stopped, larger balconies must be given to the north and east. Care should be taken when creating balconies so as not to establish a cut or truncation in the north-east corner.

The kitchen must not be in front of the main entrance.

Mirrors, sinks, wash-basins, and taps should ideally be along the north-east walls, and there should be no discharge of taps.

No junk should be dumped or placed in the north-east corner of the building or plot and the north-east should be kept safe and healthy.

The symbols of God should hit the wall on the East side of the prayer hall facing the West; the occupants should pray to the East for greater focus and devotion.

Rooms in the West and East can be used for eating. In the dining room, the appetite can be enhanced by painting the walls in light pink or orange. The rectangular dining table is the most common. At the dining table, when you’re eating, you can sit facing East or West.

There must be no underground water body, septic tank, or canal underneath the main gate. There should be no empty, demolished structures in front of the main gate. Avoid dumping garbage, street light pole, or boulders in front of the main gate or door.

The main door should not be placed next to the entrance gates of another building. The doors of the two houses should not be directly opposite each other. Neither of the two houses should share a shared entrance.

It’s desirable to have kid’s rooms in the West or North. Kids should have their study desks in the north or east of the room and face the east when studying.

One must rest with one head pointed toward the south. Kids, however, will sleep with their heads pointed to the West. No one in the North must sleep with their heads.

When cleaning the floor with some antiseptic, a little salt or sea salt must be applied.

Central Structure (‘Brahmasthan’) is best kept open or used for ritual practices. Some classical four-sided home, with a central courtyard and verandas, all around is a ‘framework’ of Vastu architecture.

Enhancement in the South-West may lead to the loss of health, financial loss, and other unimaginable problems, while development in the South-East may lead to burning, injuries, fraud, and court litigation.

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