Vastu For House

Vastu For Home

It is only possible to lead a happy and fulfilled life if the space you inhabit is optimistic. Successful Vastu Architecture has a big influence on health and lifestyle. A fun, peaceful atmosphere produces a good flow in the building. The proper organization of living spaces will attract success, prosperity, and health according to Vastu. The essence of Vastu is the creation of harmony and dynamic equilibrium both within and outside your space. Vastu needs five key elements of Vastu for home planning to be balanced.

The land is shared by many owners in the building, but you’re directly connected to the earth if you have a separate bungalow or village. It’s one of Vastu’s most prominent feature. Bungalow dwellers are therefore more responsible than the owners of the apartments for the essential elements of Vaastu.

Relevant Vastu plans for home entry

  • The doorway is a mouth of positive energies and prospects. The position should always be in the most desirable direction. If the result is negative, make a strong correction. This important thing is overlooked by many people and suffered bad luck for many years.
  • Correcting the enormous defect of the main door saves the house from the frequently diseased circumstances, financial crises, and disharmony.
  • Stop arched doors that interrupt the pattern of positive energy.
  • The most peaceful and cosmically linked place is brahmasthan (center of the building), a central room to all premises. The middle of the house is still accessible and must be free of items that block it.
  • Often use a dining table in a square or rectangular shape. The Oval or red dining table offers the family members a special view.
  • Never keep a toilet wall in the temple, or prayer room or pooja room.


Bedroom for home or apartment

You are spending several hours sleeping passively so that your head will be east or southwards. The individual becomes ill if he sleeps with his head to the northern. This will lead to a big health condition and is hard to recover.

Over the kitchen, Máster Bedroom can trigger business or job instability. Children’s dormitory over the kitchen may have profound effects on their academic achievement.

The bed reflected in the mirror triggers drainage of power. Therefore, you don’t sleep well.

Hold fluorite rock next to your side table while your computers or appliances are near your home. It protects against harmful radiation.

Paint your south-west room in a yellow way to improve your house’s earth dimension. If you have a bedroom to the south-east, it could lead to disease in your home. Paint the pistachio green of this place.

It is important not to have a toilet over the bedroom. It can lead to disease in the house.

The Vastu Shastra Principles

Vastu Shastra has been working hard for years to turn fortunes into your favor. Most people feel that it is nice and lucky for them to build their homes and offices according to Vastu Shastra laws. The technology used to build homes, forts, offices and temples for people’s lives and property. Those concepts characterize the Vastu Shastra and coordinate the flow of energy in the appropriate direction that is able to remove all negative effects from the room.

Whenever you built your house, office, workplaces, the factory you have to take Vastu consideration into account. Is the energy of the place is positive or negative? Which direction is the most suitable for entrance or exit?

Points to be considered while constructing any property:-

  1. Direction Of Main Entrance
  2. Exit
  3. Five Element Balancing
  4. Paintings & Other Parts Effect
  5. Underground Water Tank, Overhead water tank position, position of borewell & septic tank
  6. Kitchen Direction
  7. Bedroom Direction
  8. Toilet Location
  9. Study Room
  10. Prayer Room
  11. Locker Room

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