Vastu For Study Room

Vastu for Study Room

The study needs a lot of attention, focus and concentration. If your kids or anyone in your home undertaking studies of any kind, is unable to focus on studies or is unable to succeed in academics, the explanation could be the energy imbalance in the study room.
Study room Vastu and Vastu for study table note that excelling in studies does not depend entirely on you but also on the energy that surrounds you and your household. This energy produces harmful vibrations, which has an effect on your study’s attention which concentration.

Best Direction for study

In general, the study room’s best direction is NORTH EAST but it’s not necessary according to “Gopal ji.” The best direction of the study room is based on each student’s date of birth.

How does Vastu affect your study room

The research requires a lot of time, concentrate, and concentration. The study room needs to be a place where you can sit quietly, relaxed, and open-minded. The research space is a place where the mind’s grasping capacity increases; a position where one kindly sits to reflect on the studies.

If your study room is not compliant, you/your child can be faced with the following problems:

  • Loss of attention and concentration
  • Difficulty in maintaining learning/concepts
  • Difficulty in reading Sitting difficulties for studies During the test
  • Difficulty in understanding the subject
  • Research discontinuation Loss of memory

The study room should be located at a suitable place and should be decided by your date of birth as per your direction.

Vastu for Study Room and The Directions

Vastu for study room or Vastu Shastra for study room includes study table location, table lamp, picture frames, bed, other items in the study room as well as study table direction.
Students facing their favorite directions should feel energized in the right way, as per Saral Vastu Concepts, and will raise concentration levels activating their Ajna Chakra.

Vastu for study table states that:-

The table of study should be square or rectangular in the form Analysis table should have no sharp edges. It is because energy arrows would have a negative effect on anyone learning Test table should not be below the house beam

13 Highly Effective Vastu Tips for Study Room:-

As per Gopal Ji, Sudarshanvastu Principles:

  • Open space in the study room should be given as it allows the proper flow of celestial energy
  • The study room walls should be painted with light and calming colors.
  • This helps build a good atmosphere for research Stop using the research room’s dark colors.
  • It perturbs the purpose of the report.
    Using posters like dense forest, flowing water, etc
  • As it helps to create new ideas
  • Books and other items must be arranged for the study table in an organized manner.
  • You should not sit under a beam because it will impair your focus.
  • The massive energy flow coming from the door will affect his concentration and focus.
  • The bookshelf should never be put over the study table or above.
  • The study room will have images of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati
  • Building a pyramid in the study position energy balances and brain capacity increase.
  • Keep the study clutter and noise free
  • A strong wall behind the student means help Avoid toilets at the study site wherever possible

Common Vastu Myths For Room

Gopal ji, through the Ideals of Suadrshanvastu, has generated a positive influence in the lives of millions of his followers. According to Gopal ji, Vastu shastra is based on each individual’s date of birth, and it is not a set of standardized guidelines applicable to all.
Within a house, for example, children from one family may succeed within studies but living in the same building, children from another family may face study problems in terms of attention, concentration, memory, etc.

According to the “Gopal Ji” must be debunked following common myths

  • You need to have bathroom in the study room
  • Students can never face the wall or window while studying
  • Doors of the living room should only be in North South, North Central, South, West
  • Students while studying can face either North or Central directions
  • The book shelf can never be put on top of the study table.

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