Vastu For Marriage

Vastu For Marriage

Can a marriage work without barriers forever? Are there clauses in the certificate that guarantee marriage happiness?

Acharya “ Dr.Gopal Dhomne” Thinks, there is no difficult or rapid law that says a good and happy marriage. Husband and wife will find Vastu Shastra, often to make a happy marriage.

Sudarshan Vastu offers a wide variety of tips for a happy married life, you only have to take certain steps, change certain behaviors, and adopt a good routine.

Marriage is an event that starts a new life, accomplishments in the form of love, care, and identity. Our ancient scriptures have defined marriage as a religious partnership and assigned separate obligations to both parties.

Let’s think extensively about other facts and marriage requirements. The All-Powerful produced man and woman to love one another and live a happy and enjoyable life. Vastu Shastra will work well for all family members for peace and happiness. Vastu Shastra can kindle passion and deep feelings by following those regulations. It can help make relationships more fun and successful.

  • An unwed girl should avoid sleeping in the house’s southwest corner. Choose to build a bed northwest to improve your chances of marriage. If this corner is inaccessible for different reasons, you can also go to the far East or the far west.
  • An unmarried boy should refrain from sleeping in the bedroom south-east. It ought to be to the northeast. If that is not possible, it is also good to attract good vibrations for marriage, right south, or west.
  • The south-west corner of the house is the perfect place to keep the master bedroom in style.
  • While metal beds are fashionable and very fashionable, wooden beds should be used, according to Vastu Shastra.
  • The bed must not be put opposite the door in the bedroom or the toilet or balcony in front.
  • Couples intending to become pregnant will have a room in the north-west before pregnancy starts. The woman once conceived would move to a room in the north-east of Esanya.
  • Aspiring couples in a northeast room should never be allowed to sleep. The powerful magnetic energies act as an obstacle.
  • Do not sleep with sharp corners in precise alignment. This can cause your nervous system discomfort. You will never find harmony in a space with sharp edges until you alleviate them by planting them in front. Also, move your bed away from their direct alignment.
  • In the bedroom and elsewhere in the house are not allowed paintings that symbolize Death, Quebec, violence, or any negative aspect of life.
  • Couples who wish for children in a north-East room never will sleep. Strong energy magnets are an obstacle. Also, make sure there are no sharp colors or artifacts in the house. The location of the water tank is also an obstacle to conception. It is completely forbidden to have a tank of water in the south-west direction.
  • The first thing you see in your bedroom will give you a sense of calm and security. These emotions can be reinforced by images, inspirational quotes, paintings, sculptures, or even flowers. Place these things in a position that your eye falls on when you reach your bedroom.
  • For a calming effect, light green, light rose or blue is preferable to paint the walls of the house.

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