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Sudarshanvastu Provides “Vastu Prediction”.

We’ll tell you the root cause of the difficulties you face

How its work ?

  1. Choose your preferred date and time
  2. Our team will call you at your preferred time via Video
  3. We will build and evaluate your house plan based on your house plan
  4. We’ll tell you what the true cause


Q1. Do I have to be at home for taking the video call?

Yeah. You need to be at home so we can build you house plan at the date and time of your appointment via Video Call

Q2.Need I to have internet for the call in my phone?

Yeah. Since we’re going to call you every Video.

Q3.Do you also provide solution to the problems?


For any other query please call 90672 56256

The Vastu Expert Mr.Gopal Dhomne owner `Sudarshan Vastu` in Nagpur, is one of Nagpur’s best Vastu Consultants.He has advised clients in various industries/individuals/companies for Vastu SHASTRA and has provided expert guidance in Maharashtra for home offices in Nagpur and throughout India.

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