Are you experiencing stress, depression? Let Vastu assist you.

In today’s world, in order to accomplish our goals and desires, we are all living an incredibly challenging life. All workload, tension, and depression are essentially the results of the negative energy that flows around us. A house that is built in accordance with the Vastu principles is highly resistant to negativity and facilitates that the family lives gently and joyfully.

Due to busy and hectic routines, it might be tricky to keep the house clean. But exactly do you know that a clean house would retain you tension-free? So keep in mind that the central space should be open, tidy, and unfussy.

According to Vastu, having a fish tank in the northeast direction would add positive vibes to your family.

Don’t ever sleep with your head in the north. Please try to sleep in the direction of south or east. You will remain happy and stable. Also, your bed isn’t supposed to hit the wall and have a headrest.

Vastu scribes suggest that the money plant demonstrates good energy. The greener this plant is, the easier positive energy gets into the house. The leaves are regarded inauspicious to dull and to become white; furthermore, the vine developing on the ground is faulty.

Known earth elements like plants, wood, and ceramics must be put in the southwest for peace.
For well-being and economic stability put a fire feature like a candle in the southeast.

The existence of a geopathic stress line underneath the bed must be thoroughly tested, because people sleeping on these corrupted nodes may have significant health problems beginning from migraine to long-term cancer.

Make absolutely sure you don’t leave any filthy utensils in your kitchen sink—-if you can’t clean them with soap at night or if your support wipes them in the morning, just clean them with water. Dirty utensils contribute to tension and misery.

For this, you don’t really have to attend a therapy workshop. Just sitting quietly with yourself for 5 minutes a day, with no disturbances, would be enough to make you feel encouraged. Do the same first thing every morning, ideally.

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Author: Vastushastri-Achary Gopal Dhomne

Mr.Gopal Dhomne’s dream is to solve people’s problems with this “astrology” technological boon. Providing Solutions for Vastu defects with itunes for reconstruction Expert in providing best building plans to balance 5 Elements & 16 Directions in India. He is highly expert in predicting the present situation in your field. Provide Vastu Solutions for Business/office/industries Vastu defects are corrected based on “Factories at Right PlaceMr.Gopal dhomne is focused on the activation and balance of energy in industries, houses, and companies, without any major systemic reform.

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